Oil Tank Removal, Replacement, Abandonment

Under Pelham Manor's Fire Code, a permit is required with the Pelham Manor Fire Department for the removal, replacement or abandonment of any oil tank whether it being a Underground Storage Tank (UST) or above ground storage tank (AST). All work must be in compliance with Chapter 57 of The New York State Fire Code and completed by a Westchester County Licensed Contractor.

Tanks may be installed above ground, in basements or underground.

When removing a tank, it must be pumped out and then completely cleaned out. Upon the removal of the tank, Fire Department personnel must be present. If the tank is found to be defective, a spill number is assigned and reported to the DEC.

If the tank is to be left in place, the tank must be pumped out and completely cleaned. Soil samples are required, (less then 1000 gallons require 2 samples, 1000 gallon and above require 3 samples). Once the samples are confirmed to be clean the tank must be filled with slurry. When filling the tank with slurry the Fire Department personnel must be present.

To obtain a permit please fill out the Oil Tank Permit Application and submit it at Pelham Manor Village Hall.

There is a fee of $100.00 for each action of removal, replacement or abandonment

Oil Tank Closeout

If it is found that an oil tank removal, replacement or abandonment work was performed without proper filings,  a closeout shall be required. 

Please fill out this Oil Tank Closure Application and submit at Pelham Manor Village Hall.

There is a $100.00 fee for the closeout.