Board of Trustees

Pursuant to New York State Village Law, the Board of Trustees (BOT) is the legislative body of the Village of Pelham Manor. and is composed of the mayor and four trustees. The BOT is tasked with organizing itself and providing for rules of procedure, adopting an annual budget and providing for the financing of village activities, managing village properties, adopting local laws, and setting policy for village operations; among other tasks.

The mayor is the chief elected official for the Village of Pelham Manor and presides over all meetings of the Board of Trustees. At the annual meeting, the Mayor appoints one of the trustees as Deputy Mayor, if the Mayor is absent or unable to act as Mayor, the Deputy Mayor is vested with, and may perform, all duties of that office. Additionally at the annual meeting, the Mayor assigns each trustee with liaison duties to serve as a Commissioner to one of four areas: Police Commissioner, Public Works Commissioner, Fire Commissioner, and Administration, Finance, and Planning Commissioner.

Typically, the Board of Trustees meetings are held on the Second and Fourth Monday of each month, with variations as needed. The agenda for the Board of Trustees meetings is posted the Friday afternoon prior to a meeting, and may be found on our Agendas and Minutes page. In addition to attending our meetings in-person, you may watch our Board of Trustees meeting live on Vimeo or on our Facebook page. Public comment is welcome at every meeting of the Board of Trustees.

Five board members sitting at the dais at Village Hall


Jennifer Monachino Lapey, Mayor

Bridget (Breda) A. Bennett, Deputy Mayor & Police Commissioner

Maurice Own-Michaane, Trustee & Public Works Commissioner

Timothy M. Case, Trustee & Fire Commissioner

Daniel (D.J.) W. McLaughlin, Trustee & Administration, Finance, and Planning Commissioner