Pelham Manor Residential Food Scrap Recycling Drop-Off Program

Pelham Manor Food Scrap ProgramThe Village of Pelham Manor is proud to officially announce the opening of the new town-wide Residential Voluntary Food Scrap Recycling Program and Drop-Off Site. We are proud to be able to offer this service to all Pelham Manor residents and are grateful to our Sister Village for engaging with us in this Inter-Municipal Agreement to provide this service to the community.

Order a Starter Kit

Starter kits are now available for purchase at:
Pelham Manor Village Hall
4 Penfield Place
Pelham Manor, NY 10803

What's included in the $21 starter kit: a 2-gallon countertop pail, a 6-gallon transportation bin and a roll of 3-gallon compostable bags. Starter Kits can be ordered by calling Village Hall at 914-738-8820 or sending an email to Pelham Manor Food Scraps (cash or check accepted).

Submitting Kit & Reordering Bags

If you email us for a kit, please include: name, address, and email.

How to reorder compostable bags: One roll of 25 3-gallon compostable liners is included in your Starter Kit. Replacement compostable bags/liners can be purchased at local shops including Fairway, DeCiccos, and Wise Hardware or online. 

Note: Bags must be BPI Certified Compostable. Look for this symbol:

Compostable Symbol