Notices & Regulations

Grasscycling & Back Yard Composting

Fall is a good time to start a back yard compost pile. Use your leaves to create rich soil for lawns and gardens. For information and a free pamphlet to help you start, call 914-738-8820. Grasscycling is another way to help improve the environment. Instead of bagging your grass clippings, leave the clippings on your lawn. They will decompose and return nutrients to your lawn.

Loose Leaf Season

The Autumn leaf collection season begins on October 15 each year. Please do not place loose leaves at the curbside before this date. The Village continues to collect loose leaves at curbside until December 15. After this date, all leaves must be placed in bags.The Spring leaf collection season begins on March 15 each year and ends on April 15. Each year rocks, stones and even bricks cause extensive damage to village leaf collection equipment. Please make sure your leaf pile does not contain any debris which will damage the fans in the collection equipment.