Notice to Residents

Due to the close proximity to New York City, we have experienced minor delays in receiving emergency calls that are made on cell phones. We are asking all residents not to dial 911 from their cell phones. We ask that you program 914-738-0800 in your phones to contact the Fire Department for emergencies. This number is a direct dial to our dispatch. This will allow our staff to respond to emergencies in a timely fashion.

We are also asking residents that live along Interstate 95, The Hutchinson River Parkway and Boston Post Road to contact the Fire Department immediately in the event they hear a car accident on these road ways. We ask this due to the delays in the 911 system with cell phones because of the close proximity to New York City.

In the event of any incident that requires the Fire Department services we ask that you call the emergency number for the Fire Department and not call the Police Department. The types of incidents that we respond to include but are not limited to fires, car accidents, wires down, child locked in a car, residents locked out of homes, flooded basements of water of 3 inches or more, trees down in roadway or on homes, carbon monoxide alarm, entrapment.