Safety Notices

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Combat Auto Theft
The Pelham Manor Police Department offers the Combat Auto Theft (CAT) program to its residents. The CAT program is for those residents who do not normally operate their vehicles between the hours of 1 a.m. and 5 a.m. These vehicles are marked with a decal and the owner gives the police the authority to stop this vehicle without cause if it is being driven during the these hours. For more information call 738-1000.

School is Open
The Pelham Manor Police Department reminds all motorists to drive carefully now that school is open. This is especially important for parents dropping off and picking up children around schools. Please offer the same courtesy to other school children as you would expect for your own.

Leaf Pile Safety
With leaf season upon us, drivers and parents need to be particularly careful. Motorists should NEVER drive through a leaf pile and parents should NEVER allow children to play or hide in leaf piles in the street.

House Numbers
Every residence or place of business is required to be numbered and to have its number attached to the front of the building. Building numbering is critically important in an emergency. It can save police, fire and ambulance personnel valuable time in responding to an emergency.